With 18 years in the hair and beauty industry I decided to sell my salon to focus on the business I am passionate about.  Slimproved helps people build their self-esteem with focusing on body imperfections whether this be weight loss, skin tightening, cellulite and fine lines.  This concept is tried and tested in my salons and other clinics in London.  Ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency amazing results with no pain and non-invasive.

Initially I wanted to help salon/clinic owners bring a unique service to their customers which will in turn create revenue of anywhere between £7k – £60k + per year but the further I have developed the concept I realised I could train the right individuals even if you haven’t got a beauty background.  Slimproved will only be offered to the right individuals that fit the criteria as we wouldn’t want the brand cheapened and want the best service for the clients purchasing the procedures.<

Franchisee’s will receive branded equipment, towels, uniform, point of sale and advertising via social media, website with postcode finder and national press, also ongoing support and advise.

For further information download our free brochure or get in touch by email.

Tammy Laroche x